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Welcome to Shebuild...

I have often been asked , “What is it like being a woman in a ‘man’s world’?”. Well, the fact is, I don’t look at life like that.

Being a painter, decorator, plasterer or whatever, is what I always wanted to do so I feel it was simply up to me to make it happen.

It would be a lie to say I have never had opposition from male colleagues, purely due to the fact that I was a woman, but you get obstacles in any walk of life whatever your gender.

Basically I think it is just a case of getting on with it. If you want something bad enough you work for it – nobody hands anybody their dreams on a plate! If you don’t want to have to fight for what you want my advice is perhaps try something else you might be more passionate about.

The decision to work for myself was arrived at as a combination of circumstances and a desire to be more in control of what I was doing. Partly in respect of organizing my work and partly from the point of being satisfied, creatively, by the work I was doing.

I would say I have a successful business and I would like that to develop further over the next ten years. However, I think I will be in a much more managerial role than still climbing ladders by that time.